Fönsterbyte i villor och flerbostadshus


  - Steel windows are the perfect looking highest quality product. It provide high functionality with reliability. Konstruktion - We produce our windows from system steel profiles. They provide high rigidity of the structure, which results in comfortable use without losing its properties even with intensive use. At the same time they offer a great look: profiles 1,5 mm wall thickness , welded construction results in high rigidity 

The windows are in the classic version as "high thermal insulation" or " basic" and as open to the outside in the "high thermal insulation" system.

“high thermal insulation” system  

Profiles system Forster – with thermal brake 

Through the use of thermal brake and extra gaskets we can get high thermal insulation. Thermally insulated infill 

“basic” system 

Profiles system Forster– without thermal brake

  • Without thermal brake Basic or thermally insulated infill


The “high thermal insulation” system offer slimline profiles. Characteristic of these profiles provides fineness of construction perfectly suitable for obtain modern design. Concomitantly the same systems are great solution in antique architecture, when product have to replace original solution without departing from it visually.
All windows are made for individual order and to size. We serve professional advice and assist in adapt product to customer’s needs. We would absolutely love to answer all your questions.

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